Greco Linings specialise in Rhino Linings ArmaFloor range of high quality concrete flooring solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our services include epoxy, epoxy flake, poly-aspartic and polyurethane to crack repair resin systems. We have a full-service solution to protect and repair your flooring assets from preparation to final application and maintenance. 

We are also able to apply Rhino Linings "Concrete Solutions" range of decorative concrete resurfacing products which have specifically been designed to restore old weathered concrete.

All our applications meet industry standards and can be applied to any required specifications.

Whether it is a decorative finish for your hotel bathrooms, a near indestructible protective coating for your factory floor or a long lasting coating for your garage floor, you can trust Greco Linings provide the best solution.

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  • High protection for all applications
  • Quick turnaround times for time sensitive operations such as fast food restaurants
  • Highly decorative products and designs for up market applications
  • Solvent free products with no residual toxicity making it perfect for restaurants and food preparation areas
  • UV resistant products for outdoor use and to prevent fading on indoor surfaces exposed to sunlight
  • Excellent after sales support
  • Large range of products to suit every need
  • Backed by Rhino Linings® with over 30 years of operational experience